We produce a number of publications and fact sheets to help prepare the community for bushfire safety.

To place an order for brochures contact our Community Engagement team on 08 82129858, or email

Bushfire Danger in South Australia
Laminated bushfire safety card for tourism venues, Bushfire danger information card translated into Arabic, Croatian, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Chinese Traditional and Vietnamese.
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Your guide to bushfire safety
This booklet is a guide to help protect your home and the lives of your family. It explains ways of making your property less vulnerable to bushfire attack and will help you make the correct choices if a bushfire threatens.
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Community Fire Safe
Community Fire Safe is a program coordinated by the CFS that encourages residents living in bushfire risk areas to form small groups and work together in preparing and protecting their families and properties from bushfire.
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Bushfire traveller safety
Bushfires can occur without warning and can quickly impact your location. If you are travelling in the country for work or pleasure, you need to think about bushfire safety. This leaflet will help you manage your country travel plans and help you.
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Bushfire safety & survival for business and organisations
CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. Use this guide to prepare your people and your business for the next bushfire season.
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Outback bushfire safety
This leaflet will help you know your risk, be prepared and know what to do if you encounter a bushfire in the outback.
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Bushfire Safety Guide in Easy English
If you or someone you know needs to write a Bushfire Plan and wants information that is easy to read and understand download our brochures in Easy English.

Easy English is written in every day words, uses simple sentence structures and messages are supported with clear and meaningful images. These booklets are also available in a variety of community languages.

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