Cadet Program

We accept young people aged between 11-18 years as cadets.

What do cadets do?

Cadets do a whole stack of activities which may include:

  • The introduction to basic firefighting, pump operations, hose work, ride on the trucks, use the radios, search and rescue.
  • Community activities, street parades, attending local events, helping out on community projects and fundraising events.
  • Fun activities such as camps, state firefighting competitions, go-karting and movies.
  • Other related activities such as start your Duke of Edinburgh Award or make your training part of your school curriculum.

Why should I join?

  • To do something different in your life.
  • To have fun getting out there 'doing stuff'.
  • To meet new people and make friends.
  • To give your time to your community.
  • To make a difference.

ANZAC Eve Youth Vigil

Cadets participate in the "Holding Ground" Ceremony for the ANZAC Eve Youth Vigil

I am interested - what do I do now?

Information for parents/caregivers

We have been running successful cadet programs for many years. Some of our current leaders were cadets who have worked their way through the organisation. Our Cadet Program is about building a foundation for future membership in the CFS, and developing youth in the local community through skill and social development.

There are over 420 CFS brigades operating across South Australia.

Volunteers run our brigades and brigade management makes the decision to have a Cadet Program.

Not every brigade in South Australia has cadets, so you may need to look further than your local brigade for your closest program.

When is the training held?

Cadet Leaders decide when and how often they offer training and this will differ for each brigade. Training may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, some only run during school terms. Training will normally run between 1 and 2 hours.

How much does it cost?

Most cadet programs do not have a joining fee or any associated membership costs (although some cadet programs might charge a small fee each week to put back into cadet activities).

We give our Cadets their uniform, which is overalls, helmet, goggles and gloves. Some brigades do not provide footwear for cadets. It is your responsibility to wear the right footwear – it needs to be covered in and sturdy.

Work Health and Safety

Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012, volunteers are considered 'employees', so when a young person signs on as a CFS cadet they are covered by legislation. If a cadet is injured during a CFS approved activity they are covered by the Return to Work Act 2014 and can access workers compensation and rehabilitation services.


Our Public Liability insurance covers Cadets all times while they undertake CFS approved activities.

Cadet Leaders

The leaders of cadet programs are police checked to hold their positions. They must abide by the Emergency Services Sector Child Protection Policy and CFS Code of Conduct. We train our Cadet Leaders to work with young people. They must abide by strict supervision ratios during all cadet activities.