We produce publications and fact sheets to help prepare the community for bushfire safety. You can place an order for brochures.

Your guide to Bushfire Safety

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This guide has information to help you protect your home and family.

It explains ways of making your property less vulnerable to bushfire attack, will help you make the correct choices if a bushfire threatens and incorporates a template for your Bushfire Survival Plan.

Also available as audio.

Community Fire Safe

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Community Fire Safe is a program coordinated by the CFS that encourages residents living in bushfire risk areas to form small groups and work together in preparing and protecting their families and properties from bushfire. These groups can consist of just a few families living in the same street or area who face a common bushfire threat.

Also available as audio.

Bushfire traveller safety

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Bushfires can occur without warning and can quickly affect your location. If you are travelling in the country for work or leisure, you need to think about bushfire safety.

This leaflet will help you manage your country travel plans and help you prepare yourself and your vehicle in case a bushfire does occur.

Also available as audio.

Bushfire Safety Guide for Business

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It is everyone’s responsibility to be aware of bushfire danger, and be prepared, especially for those living, working, or travelling in bushfire prone areas.

Use this guide to prepare your people and your business for the next bushfire season.

Outback bushfire safety

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Are you visiting or travelling through the outback this bushfire season?

This leaflet will help you know your risk, be prepared and know what to do if you encounter a bushfire.

Also available as audio.

Firey Women

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We have developed a workshop designed to provide women with a safe non-threatening setting to learn new skills to protect their families and livelihoods. To see upcoming events please visit the Community Programs page.

Reducing fire risk in gardens 

Reducing fire risk in gardens brochure

Urban landscapes, including parks and gardens, can be planned and designed to minimise vulnerability and strengthen resistance to fire. Careful attention needs to be paid to design, plant selection, materials and product selection and the maintenance of our garden environments.

The Botanic Gardens of Adelaide Plant Selector+ is a comprehensive, relevant and user-friendly online resource to help achieve more sustainable urban landscapes through improved plant selections.

Involve your kids in bushfire planning

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The Bushfire CRC has produced this interactive PDF (e-book) for parents on how to talk to children about bushfire preparation and safety. This book can be read on a computer or tablet and can also be printed.

Your guide to help after the fire

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This guide provides details of who to contact and what to do if you have been affected by a bushfire.

Brochures in Easy English

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If you or someone you know needs to write a Bushfire Plan and wants information that is easy to read and understand, see our brochures in Easy English.

Our Easy English publications are also available in other languages.