Make a plan

5 Minute Bushfire Plan header (1024x300)

Would you remember a plan that’s just in your head if you’re surrounded by smoke, heat and flames?

Making a choice when a bushfire threatens is too late. Your safety and survival during a bushfire will depend on how prepared you are and the decisions you make, and a written bushfire plan will take the pressure off you and avoid arguments and delays.

The care and transport of pets and livestock before, during and after a fire is something that should be considered with bushfire safety. You can avoid heartache if you include pets and livestock when you develop your bushfire survival plan.

You could be at risk travelling in South Australia during bushfire season. Recognise the warning signs and learn what to do to keep yourself safe.

House fires also happen every day. The biggest tragedy is most house fires are preventable so make sure you have a Home Fire Escape Plan.

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