Thank you for your interest in the CFS Farm Fire Unit registration program. This will be for 3 years ending after the 2024/25 Fire Danger Season. Your registration will help CFS in providing more support to FFU owner/operators before, during and after bushfires in South Australia.

Please watch this safety video before completing your registration. Remember that your safety is your number one priority.

FFU registrations will only be accepted for vehicles up to and including MR classification and fit for purpose.

If you have a HR classified vehicle that you wish to register as an FFU you will need to have endorsement by your local Group Officer and CFS Region. Once you have the endorsement, your contact information and vehicle details will then be forwarded for processing.

Have your FFU vehicle's registration number and water capacity details handy.

The latest FFU Handbook contains important information you should read before registering.

If you are registering more than one FFU please complete a new registration for each one.

CFS Farm Fire Unit Registration