Two people injured in cooking fire (15 October 2018)

At about 6pm this evening, the CFS were dispatched to a house fire at Glendale Avenue, Flagstaff Hill.

On arrival, firefighters found that the cooking fire had largely been extinguished but the two occupants of the home had sustained burns.

It was determined that cooking oil had ignited and the occupants attempted to move the oil to the rear yard.

Both occupants were transported to hospital for assessment.

The CFS reminds the community that cooking oils should be heated slowly and never left unattended. If a fire occurs, turn off the heat, use a fire blanket or a Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher to smother the flames. If you don’t have a fire blanket or an extinguisher protect your hands with a saucepan lid or a solid bread board to smother the flames. Keep the lid on the benchtop for this purpose during cooking and never try to extinguish the fire with water. Above all, never try to move a pan that has caught on fire and call the fire service on triple zero.

The damage bill has been estimated at approximately $10k.

2018-10-15 Cassandra Curtis