Truck fire 10km south of Tintinara - 16 December 2020

At 9:58 last night CFS crews were alerted to a B-double on fire by 000 callers reporting the prime mover and one trailer was ablaze, 10 kilometres south of Tintinara on the Dukes Highway in the Upper South East.

Five crews arrived to find the prime mover completely on fire, the first trailer burning, and the fire spreading to grass on both sides of the highway.

With the help of local farm firefighting units, crews were able to stop the grassfire from spreading further, with the prime mover and first trailer fires then extinguished.

The B-double was transporting a mixed load of agricultural goods.

SA Police will be enforcing traffic restrictions in the area as crews work to dismantle the first trailer and have the second trailer removed.  

Losses are estimated to be in excess of $700,000.

2020-12-16 Brett Williamson