Truck crash and hazardous material spill on SE Freeway near Callington - 15 Dec 2020

At 1:06 this morning four CFS crews and one MFS crew were alerted to a truck crash near the Callington exit on the South East Freeway.

Crews arrived to find a westbound B-double semi trailer had left the road and collided with a tree.

The driver of the vehicle was pinned inside the cabin.

Cargo on the truck was identified as containing Class 8 Corrosive Substances.

The tree had fallen across the freeway and was blocking half of the road.

Crews worked to free the driver, clear the tree, and contain a diesel spill and a 500ml leakage, of what was identified to be an alkaline substance, from the cargo.

The spills were quickly contained, the driver freed, and the vehicle removed for the freeway to be fully reopened.

2020-12-15 Brett Williamson