Shed fire at Warnes in the States North East

At 1.40pm today CFS crews were alerted to a large shed fire at Warnes.

The property holder was some distance from the shed when he noticed a column of smoke, and returned to find the shed alight. He was able to pull some hay out of the shed with a bobcat on scene, but was unable to save any further.

Four fire trucks, 1 bulk water carrier and 25 CFS volunteers arrived to find the shed fully destroyed.

A tractor, truck and multiple bales of hay and various tools and machinery associated with a machinery workshop were also destroyed in the fire.

CFS crews managed to save a diesel tank and will remain at the scene to ensure no flare ups.

SAPOL and Fire Cause Investigators will attend the scene to determine the cause of the fire. It is believed the cost of damages will be in excess of $200,000.

2020-03-19 Kathy Baklan