Semi trailer fire on Goyder Highway - 28 May 2023

CFS crews are responding to a semi trailer truck fire on the Goyder Highway between Gulnare and Spalding in the states Mid North.

8 trucks with approximately 30 firefighters arrived on scene to find the semi trailer fully involved. The driver was not injured in the fire and managed to unhitch the prime mover from the semi trailer before it could catch alight.

Palettes of aerosol cans were found in the semi trailer and Jamestown Hazmat, who arrived in their new vehicle delivered to the brigade earlier this week, have deemed the fire safe to be extinguished by crews.

The estimated value of the semi trailer damage and lost contents is still being investigated. There are road closers on the Goyder Highway and a smoke advice has been issued. SES and SA Police are on scene.

Semi trailer fire at Goyder Highway

2023-05-28 Rachel Guy