Pool chemical explosion at Humbug Scrub - 10 January 2021

At 7:51 this evening five CFS firefighter and HazMat crews were alerted to a chemical reaction and explosion at Bassnet Road, Humbug Scrub, which occurred when a person added to different types of chlorine tablets to their pool system.

The two tablets caused a chemical reaction in the system, resulting in a small explosion and a cloud of gas vapours to vent from a PVC pipe.

Crews arrived to find a pool shed still filled with gas, as the tablets continued to react.

The man who was adding the tablets to the system was transported to hospital after having a reaction to the exposure.

The CFS would like to remind pool owners to always use only the chemicals recommended for the pool systems, under the product instructions, to avoid injury.

2021-01-10 Brett Williamson