HAZMAT at Angaston Winery

Wednesday night on the 13th or March,  at around 10pm, CFS crews responded to a hazardous material incident at Yalumba Winery on Eden Valley road in Angaston.

A gas leak had been detected across the facility and staff were evacuated.

The gas detected was ammonia and after crews working in small teams in HAZMAT suits investigated they were able to isolate the source of the leak to a pipe which was part of a compressor. They were able to seal the leak until a permanent fix can be implemented later today.

CFS crews also worked to dissipate the gases from the facility.

Crews will be assisted by MFS today in monitoring gas levels until it is safe for workers to return.

There were no reports of any injury and the cause is attributed to a small mechanical breakdown.

2019-03-14 Daniel Hamilton