Hazardous Material spill at Angas Plains - 3 September

Tuesday, September 3 at 12:50pm:

Just before 11am, CFS and MFS crews were called to a hazardous material incident at a winery on Davidson Road, Angas Plains near Langhorne Creek

It’s believed about 2,000 litres of hydrogen peroxide has spilled in an enclosed shed. It is oxidising with other materials within the shed and causing toxic vapours and smoke.

Crews, wearing liquid proof suits and breathing apparatus will be on scene for some time as they contain the spill.

It’s unknown how or when the spill occurred, as owners reported the incident after they saw the smoke and vapours.

An Advice Message has been issued for people living and travelling in the area. The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and SA Police are also on scene.


2019-09-03 Ali Martin