Hazardous material spill and fire at Meadows - 16 Oct 2020

At 11:10 last night CFS were alerted to a hazardous material spill and fire after multiple 000 callers reported hearing a large explosion and seeing 20m flames on Brookman Road, near Meadows.

Twelve CFS crews, three MFS crews, two CFS bulkwater carriers and specialist CFS trucks arrived to find a large fire caused by a fuel truck crashing into a tree.

SA Police, SA Ambulance services and the Environment Protection Authority supported the 70 firefighters as they worked to contain the fire and fuel spill.

Access to the Brookman Road area will be restricted for several hours, due to the extensive clean-up required.

The vehicle is believed to have been a 14,000L fuel truck carting diesel.



2020-10-16 Brett Williamson