Hay shed fire at Auburn - 26 Nov 2020

At just before 10pm last night, the CFS were alerted to a fire at Auburn, in the state’s Mid North.

30 CFS volunteers from across the area attended the fire, arriving to find a hay shed fully engulfed in flames.

The CFS volunteers worked hard to extinguish the fire, but were unable to save any of the hay or a prime mover stored in the shed, causing an estimated loss of over $500,000.

The firefighters will remain on the scene for quite some time to mop up and ensure the fire is completely out, ahead of today’s predicted severe fire danger weather in the Mid North.

The CFS has responded to a large number of hay stack fires this season and again wants to remind primary producers to regularly monitor the temperature of hay bales, and remove and manage any that are heating up or showing signs of steam or smoke.

2020-11-27 Simone McDonnell