Fire Causes $150,000 Damage to a House on Hindmarsh Island - 9 November 2022


At 13h47 on Wednesday afternoon, 9 November 2022, SACFS crews were alerted to a house fire on Hindmarsh Island, approximately 10 kilometres east of Goolwa, South Australia.

Twenty SACFS firefighters, on 3 fire trucks, arrived at the scene to find the first structure of a two-part house on fire with no one at home. 

SACFS crews, with the support of the SAMFS, were able to save the second, and newer, part of the house.

The fire caused approximately $150,000 damage to the older section of the home.

The cause of the fire is unknown, and fire cause investigators will attend the scene later in the afternoon.

The SACFS was supported be the SAMFS, SAPOL and SAAS during the incident.


2022-11-09 Donovan Du Plooy