$500,000 hay bale and shed fire at Hoyleton

At 12:12 this morning the CFS was alerted to a large hay bale and shed fire near Bromley Road and Mount George Road at Hoyleton.

Crews arrived to find the 20 x 75m shed and approximately 500 hay bales alight.

In total four CFS fire trucks and a bulk water carrier attended the fire, with approximately 22 firefighters restricting the fire to the shed and hay, protecting nearby crops.

The hay had been stacked in the shed the day before.

The shed and 500 bales were destroyed, and damages have been estimated at $500,000.

Firefighters will remain on the scene for several days as the remainder of the bales are broken up and fully extinguished.

The cause of the fire is unknown and will be investigated.

2018-11-20 Brett Williamson