$3 million shed fire at Price - 23 February 2023

Just after 4:20pm this afternoon CFS were alerted to a large industrial shed fire at Reliance Road, Price.
On arrival crews found the shed fully engulfed with flames. The 60x40m shed contained plastic packaging material.

Thirteen CFS trucks in attendance, with the support of three MFS trucks, will remain on scene until the fire is fully extinguished. Specialist CFS Hazardous Material crews are on the scene for atmospheric monitoring, along with an incident support vehicle, a Breathing Apparatus support vehicle, and further CFS firefighters trained in Breathing Apparatus.

This structure fire is producing grey, potentially hazardous smoke, which is hanging low in the air around Price. During firefighting operations, it is normal for there to be periodic increases in smoke.

Damaged is estimated at $3 million dollars, with Fire Cause Investigators attending the scene first thing tomorrow morning.


2023-02-23 Gemma Chenoweth