$150,000 house fire at Truro - 21 July 2021

At 7:13 this evening CFS crews were alerted to a house fire in First Street, Truro, by multiple 000 callers reporting a fire in a room.

Six CFS fire trucks and a bulk water carrier with around 30 volunteer firefighters arrived to find the fire had spread through the weatherboard home.

Residents of the home were able to evacuate safely before crew arrived.

SA Police, SA Ambulance Services and SA Power Networks supported CFS crews.

Volunteer firefighters were able to protect surrounding homes and limit the damage to only the home of ignition, which was destroyed, with losses estimated to be $150,000.

The cause of the fire was not deemed to be suspicious, with SA Police confirming the cause was a candle being knocked over in a bedroom.

Candles with unprotected flames are a common cause of house fires and the CFS recommends that if you enjoy the look of candle light to invest in battery-powered LED candle as a much safer option.

2021-07-21 Brett Williamson