Donating fire water tanks to the CFS - how you can help

Brukunga fire water tank (Image: Kelly Barnes photos)

Water tanks have become a popular and welcomed donated item for firefighting services across the state, but before you purchase a tank to donate or donate funds to supply a tank, there are a few things you should be aware of. 

Firefighting water is essential for emergency services; however, any reserves of water need to be easily accessible for large vehicles, able to be easily refilled and have the appropriate outlets fitted to provide rapid transfer.

Director of Operational Infrastructure and Logistics Lee Watson said before the CFS accepts a tank donation many processes must be undertaken.

“For the CFS to operate these tanks, they almost have to be planned in the same way we would a new building,” Mr Watson said.

“Land must be secured, access approved, water supply connected (where possible), and a consideration for ongoing maintenance.”

Mr Watson said the increase of water tank donations had been of great benefit to the agency, and with the right preplanning the tanks can be installed and in service with efficiency.

“The last thing we want to do is delay a person who has spent months fundraising for these kinds of projects, so the earlier they can involve the CFS with the concept they wish to undertake, the smoother we can make the overall implementation.”

Mr Watson said the CFS had identified areas of priority where fire water tanks would be prioritised for placement and would readily work with organisations wishing to contribute funds to ensure those areas were targeted first.

The CFS Operational Infrastructure and Logistics directorate can be contacted for further information on 08 8115 3300.