Truck Fire on Eyre Highway West of Ceduna Causes $400,000 Damage - 6 November 2022


At 02h28PM on Sunday afternoon, 6 November 2022, SACFS crews were alerted to a truck fire on the Eyre Highway approximately 105 kilometres west of Ceduna, South Australia.

Upon arrival, the SACFS firefighters found a prime mover engulfed on flames.

Eight SACFS firefighter in 4 fire trucks managed to save the second trailer on the prime mover, however, the prime mover and the first trailer were destroyed by the fire which caused in excess of $400,000 damage.

Farm Fire Units in the area assisted by putting out a grass fire that started adjacent to the truck.
The SACFS was supported by SAAS and local Farm Fire Units during the incident.


2022-11-06 Donovan Du Plooy