Sunlands: Tourist ferry CFS volunteers to speed boat fire Dec 28

At 1:10pm this afternoon the CFS was alerted to an explosion and boat-fire on the River Murray.

Four Wakerie CFS units with 20 volunteers responded to find a boat on fire near Apex Park Ramco.

Of the six occupants of the boat, four jumped overboard while two remained to attempt to stop the fire.

Quick thinking tourists ferried CFS firefighters out to the boat, where the firefighters were able to use extinguishers to suppress the fire and tow the remaining hull to shore.

The relatively new speed boat, which was reported to have been recently serviced in preparation for the day, was completely destroyed.

The estimated loss from the fire is $35,000.

The two boat occupants were treated at the scene by ambulance officers for smoke inhalation.

2017-12-28 Brett Williamson