Shipping container explosion and fire in Waterloo - 2 Nov 2020

At 1:15 this afternoon CFS and MFS crews were alerted to an explosion and fire in a large shipping container at Barker Road, Waterloo Corner.

5 CFS and 2 MFS crews, supported by 2 CFS Bulk water carriers, SA Police and SA Ambulance Services arrived to find a large shipping container containing a forklift, small van, engine parts and a large amount of tyres burning.

Two people, believed to have been in the container at the time of the explosion, have been transported to Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Crews are attempting to remove and extinguish the contents of the container, with the process expected to take several hours.

The fire is producing large quantities of dark, acrid smoke, and a smoke advice warning message has been issued for the area with people suffering from respiratory problems advised to stay inside and avoid coming in contact with the emissions.

Crews will remain on site until the fire is extinguished.

Damages are estimated at $30,000



2020-11-02 Brett Williamson