Industrial Shed Fire at Lewiston- 15 October, 2020

At 9:20 last night, CFS crews were called to a shed fire at an industrial fruit and vegetable business on Pederick Road, Lewiston.

CFS crews arrived to find the shed engulfed in flames, and a huge effort was undertaken by over 60 CFS volunteers and 24 MFS personnel to stop the fire from spreading to the adjoining buildings on the premises.

The shed was completely destroyed, with an estimated loss worth $2.5million.

The crews were able to save the business’ offices and administration area, an amenities block and a workshop housing a lot of heavy machinery.

Amongst the volunteers were a CFS HazMat crew who attended the incident to ensure the safety of personnel and the appropriate handling of any chemicals compromised by the fire.

How the fire started is unknown at this stage, with Fire Cause Investigators due to attend the scene later this morning.

CFS crews are expected to remain on the scene for some time.

2020-10-15 Simone McDonnell