House fire in close vicinity to Eudunda Hospital - 6 August 2021

At 02:55 this morning, CFS crews were alerted to a house fire in close vicinity to the Eudunda Hospital, in Eudunda. 

In cold and windy conditions, the CFS deployed 30 CFS firefighters on 5 fire trucks, 2 bulk water carriers and 3 command cars to the scene. Upon arrival, the CFS crews found the home fully ablaze. The occupants, a mother and child, managed to leave the house safely and were not harmed by the fire or the smoke. 

A downed powerline in front of the house restricted safe access to the property. In the windy conditions, the work of the CFS firefighters ensured that the fire did not spread to the two neighbouring properties. 

At the same time, the strong and gusty winds in the area fanned the flames and blew smoke and burning embers in the direction of the Eudunda Hospital where CFS crews were dispatched to conducted asset protection. CFS crews ensured that no additional fires were started by any embers which were carried to the hospital on the strong winds.

Unfortunately, the house fire led to the home being destroyed with an estimated loss of approximately $250,000. It is suspected that the house fire was started by an electrical fault, however, a fire cause investigator will be attending the scene this morning to determine the exact cause.

The CFS crews were supported by SA Police and the SA Ambulance Services at the incident.


2021-08-06 Donovan Du Plooy