House fire at Stirling- 24 June

At just after 6:30 this evening, CFS crews were called a house fire at a retirement village on Iris Court, Stirling, in the Adelaide Hills.

16 CFS volunteers on 4 trucks from Piccadilly and Stirling attended the fire. 

The crews arrived to find the kitchen on fire, and fought hard to contain it, though there has some significant smoke damage caused to the rest of the home, with the estimated cost currently unknown.

The volunteers quick turnout and fast action not only restricted the fire to the kitchen, but also stopped the fire spreading to adjacent homes in the village. 

Fortunately the occupant of the house was able to get out safely and took shelter at a neighbours home.

We want to remind you all of how important it is to make sure your smoke alarms are working- they save lives.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this stage.

2020-06-24 Simone McDonnell