Warnings and incidents

Our daily/going incidents across South Australia are listed below. You can sort the information by using the headings.

Information is updated every 5 minutes and completed incidents are removed at midnight. Refresh this page to see updates.

No table will be displayed below when there are no going or safe incidents and completed incidents have been displayed for one hour.

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Upcoming prescribed burns

Find out when and where the Department for Environment and Water prescribed burns are happening.


Burn off - an intentionally ignited fire by a member of the public for the reduction of vegetation and or stubble as part of farming practices. Individuals conducting a Burn off need the appropriate local council permits.

Prescribed burn - an intentionally ignited fire contained within a designed area. Prescribe burns will be conducted by Department for Environment and Water (DEW), ForestrySA, SA Country Fire Service (CFS) and the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS). Generally Prescribed burns are conducted during the cooler months to reduce fuel build-up and decrease the likelihood of serious hotter fires.

Incident definitions

Detailed definitions

There may be controlled burn offs of which CFS is unaware. Please call the Information Hotline on 1800 362 361 for more information. If at any time you see an unattended fire, please report it by dialling 000.

The SA Country Fire Service does not guarantee that this map is without flaw of any kind and disclaims all liability for any errors, loss or other consequence which may arise from relying on any information depicted. Roads and tracks visible on this map may contain unmarked hazards and their surface condition is variable. Exercise caution and drive to conditions on all roads.