Incident definitions

Date and Time - when incident was first reported to the CFS.

Location - the general area where the incident was reported.

Type - describes the type of incident.

  • Burn off - an intentionally ignited fire by a member of the public for the reduction of vegetation and or stubble as part of farming practices. Individuals conducting a Burn off need the appropriate local council permits.
  • Prescribed burn - an intentionally ignited fire contained within a designed area. Prescribe burns will be conducted by Department for Environment and Water (DEW), ForestrySA, SA Country Fire Service (CFS) and the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS). Generally Prescribed burns are conducted during the cooler months to reduce fuel build-up and decrease the likelihood of serious hotter fires.

Status -

  • Going - Any fire expanding in a certain direction.
  • Contained - A fire is contained when its spread has been stopped, but it may still be burning freely within the fire control lines.
  • Controlled - The time when the complete perimeter of a fire is secured and the fire is not expected to break away.
  • Complete - The time when the incident is secured and there is no further need for CFS involvement.
  • Safe - When we consider that no further action or patrols are necessary.

Level -

  • Level 1 Incident - A simple and small incident. There is minimal threat to the community.
  • Level 2 Incident - More complex in size, resources or risk. There may be a threat to the community at a local or regional level.
  • Level 3 Incident - This may need the establishment of divisions for effective management of the situation. There will be a significant threat to the community at a local, regional or state level.

District - the Fire Ban District where the incident is located.

Resources - the number of CFS appliances currently attending an incident.

Aircraft - the number of aircraft currently attending an incident.