About CFS Warnings

Timely and accurate advice and warnings are an important for the community. As part of a new Australian Warning System, the way we display incidents on our website and Alert SA has changed.

Bushfire Advice Message Warning icon - fire - yellow

A Bushfire Advice Message will be issued when bushfires pose a threat to property or public safety, or when:

  • a bushfire has been reported and we are attending but no further information is available (Incident notification).
  • a bushfire is producing smoke in an area that may cause concern to the public
  • there is a need to advise of a specific event.

Bushfire Watch and Act Message Warning icon - fire - orange

A Bushfire Watch and Act Message is regularly issued for bushfires that pose a localised threat to property or public safety where:

  • a bushfire is threatening or is a potential threat to public safety in the immediate area of a fire
  • a bushfire is producing smoke in an area that may cause concern to the public on a day of elevated fire danger
  • there is a need to advise of a specific event.

Bushfire Emergency Warning Message Warning icon - fire - red

Bushfire Emergency Warning Messages will be issued for wide area community affect when:

  • an uncontrolled bushfire is burning under Extreme to Catastrophic Fire Weather conditions; and
  • the risk of loss of life or threat to properties is almost certain or has occurred; or
  • where special circumstances exist, for example when a life or house has been lost.

Advice - Reduced Threat

We will issue a Reduced Threat Message when the threat to the community has reduced.

All bushfire incidents that have had an Advice, Watch and Act or Emergency Warning Message issued will be finalised with an Advice – Reduced Threat message.

Incident Update Warning icon - other - white

An Incident Update contains supplementary information about an incident. This may or may not be associated with a warning message.

Multiple messages for bushfires

We may issue multiple messages where a fire is affecting communities that need different calls to action.

Reasons for multiple messages include:

  • differences in the lay of the land
  • complexity of fire
  • assets and infrastructure under threat
  • differing fire direction
  • severity and behaviour on specific areas of the fire ground that are uncharacteristic to the rest of the fire ground
  • long protracted incidents.

Emergency Alert Messages

Emergency Alert provides Bushfire Emergency Warning messages by text and voice messaging to landlines and mobile phones.

Police and Emergency Services will provide as much information as possible during a bushfire. It is your responsibility to ensure you are adequately prepared for bushfires and know what to do.