Book 01 Bushfire Safety Guide Introduction - Spanish
This guide will help you plan for a bushfire.
Book 02 Bushfire Safety Guide Understand How Fire Acts - Spanish
To know how to prepare your property you must understand how fire acts.
Book 04 Bushfire Safety Guide Fire Danger Ratings and Warnings - Spanish
Fire Danger Ratings say how bad the bushfire will be.
Book 05 Bushfire Safety Guide Safer Places - Spanish
The CFS has a list of places you might go to. They are called Bushfire Safer Places
Book 07 Bushfire Safety Guide Emergency Kit - Spanish
Your emergency kit must have what you need
Book 08 Bushfire Safety Guide After the Fire - Spanish
You must check it is safe before you go home. An emergency can make you stressed. Look after yourself so you can feel better.
Book 09 Bushfire Safety Guide Information Book - Leave Early - Spanish
Leaving early is the safest thing to do. This part tells you what to think about and write in your Bushfire Plan Leave Early.
Book 10 Bushfire Safety Guide Information Book - Stay and Defend - Spanish
When do you stay and defend your property?This part tells you what to think about and write in your Bushfire Plan Stay and Defend
Español - Holiday Seguridad y Supervivencia
Los incendios forestales pueden ocurrir sin previo aviso y pueden afectar rápidamente su lugar de vacaciones. Si usted está planeando unas vacaciones, es necesario pensar en la seguridad de incendios forestales. Este folleto le ayudará a prepararse si se produce un incendio forestal en la zona.