Brochures in Audio Format

Audio versions of these brochure are available here, please contact us if you would like a CD version of these files mailed to you.

Guide to Preparing and Surviving the Bushfire Season

This is the brochure "Your guide to preparing for and surviving the bushfire season" in audio format. For the purpose of downloading and navigating, this document has been separated into 28 separate files. 

All files are in MP3 format. A zip file is also provided containing all 28 files.


Audio files - Guide to preparing and surviving the bushfire season
Track Number Description
Track 01 Introduction
Track 02 Prepare Act Survive
Track 03 Prepare
Track 04 Keys to survival
Track 05 Understand bushfire behaviour
Track 06 Fire danger ratings
Track 07 Fire ban districts
Track 08 Know your district fire danger season
Track 09 Total fire bans
Track 10 Prepare your home and property
Track 11 Actions in and around the home
Track 12 Prepare your property
Track 13 Prepare bushfire survival kits
Track 14 Prepare your bushfire survival plan
Track 15 Understanding fire regulations
Track 16 Your questions answered
Track 17 Act to protect yourself and your property
Track 18 Act on days of high fire danger
Track 19 Act when a fire is approaching
Track 20 Survive
Track 21 Survive on holiday
Track 22 Bushfire survival plan
Track 23 Preparing to leave early
Track 24 Preparing to stay and defend
Track 25 Bushfire survival plan checklist
Track 26 Activating your bushfire survival plan
Track 27 CFS Regional Offices
Track 28 Closing announcement