CFS Region 6

Region 6 covers the West Coast and Eyre Peninsula areas of the State. This is about 188 000 square kilometres or 20 per cent of South Australia's land mass. With a population of 33 000 people, it is the largest settled area of any of our Regions and is about half the size of Victoria.

The major road network in the Region is National Highway One, which runs East-West across the north of the Region. The Eyre Highway is the main corridor for heavy freight vehicles, passenger coaches, tourists towing caravans and single light vehicles linking the eastern states and Western Australia.

At present, more than 140 000 vehicles travel along the highway each year. It is predicted that commercial and tourist traffic will increase significantly over the next decade.

The Region relies heavily on primary industry for its economic viability. The bulk of their income comes from agriculture, principally cropping and wool, and aquaculture consisting mainly of tuna farming and oysters.