Development Assessment

The CFS Development Assessment Service team provides advice and approval for new constructions in areas under CFS jurisdiction in accordance with legislation, and includes:

  • advice on land use planning, residential and commercial development, including reviewing the siting and construction of such developments and promoting resilience for residential dwellings within bush fire prone areas
  • work with the SA Attorney General’s Department to review land use and building policy, and hazard mapping
  • educate local government staff, private sector practitioners and industry organisations on best practice approaches to mitigating bushfire hazard and improving commercial building fire safety outcomes
  • comment on fire fighting capabilities and requirements for new land divisions and development with major projects status
  • reviewing, commenting, approving and commissioning fire systems for Class 3 to 9 buildings (see Application Forms)
  • representing the CFS Chief Officer on 52 local council Building Fire Safety Committees
  • connect and manage fire alarms for the purpose of monitoring (see Fire Alarms).

Building and renovating in a bushfire prone area

There is a new Planning and Design Code in effect as of 19 March 2021. This replaces previous Council development plans and introduces an online application process. Find out more at

If you are looking to build or renovate your home, subdivide your land or add a shed or carport to your property, you may need to lodge an application for approval in line with the Planning and Design Code before you get started.

The Planning and Design Code applies overlays, zones and subzones to specify which policies and rules govern the use and development of particular areas – and includes six Bushfire Hazard Overlays.

Use the PlanSA online approval wizard to check if your project requires approval.

The wizard will determine whether a Bushfire Hazard Overlay applies, which policies and rules apply to your address and if your application needs to be referred to the CFS for an assessment.

Referral to CFS for development assessment

When a development application is referred to the CFS under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Regulations, the CFS Development Assessment Service team assesses the development and provides statutory advice. Considerations include siting, construction, structural standards, access for emergency service vehicles, vegetation clearance, firefighting equipment and water supply.

You are able to request advice before you submit a development application. For information, contact the CFS Development Assessment Service on 8115 3372 or

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