Be Bushfire Ready Month

Be Bushfire Ready Month

October is 'Be Bushfire Ready' month, which means it's time for South Australians to prepare their homes, properties, and families ahead of this year’s bushfire season.

This year’s seasonal bushfire outlook suggests an average fire season in South Australia, however it only takes one bad day paired with the right conditions for a fire to pose risk to life and property. The potential for fast moving grass fires remains a significant concern this season, and already we’ve seen CFS firefighters respond the state’s first big grass fire of the season at Parawa, which happened on just the second day of spring.

South Australians need know the risks in their area and be prepared. This means having a five-minute bushfire plan, ensuring your property is prepared, and knowing how to stay informed.

October is the perfect opportunity to prepare. There is no such thing as being too prepared - evaluate your property and act now. Clearing shrubs from your property perimeter and having clean, unblocked gutters can be the difference between having, and not having, a home to return to after a bushfire.

Things you can do

Complete your own 5 minute bushfire plan: prepare a five-minute bushfire plan – not forgetting to include your pets and livestock.

Prepare an emergency kit: The best emergency kit is one that can be used for all hazards - not just bushfires.

Prepare your home and property: A well prepared home is more likely to survive a bushfire than one that hasn't been prepared.

Attend local CFS event: Register for a free bushfire information session.


Download the Alert SA App: it may save your life during a bushfire emergency and was vital during the tragic 2019/20 summer as a reliable source of information for tens of thousands of South Australians.