Privately Monitored Alarms

Third party security and privately monitored alarms is a service provided by independent security monitoring centres for residential and commercial (business) properties. The owner/occupier generally engages one of these monitoring centres to provide real time intruder, systems and fire detection monitoring. An activation of the fire detection system will not result in the immediate dispatch of the fire service to the property.

To prevent the attendance of the fire service to a false alarm at your property, speak to your security monitoring provider/security system installer.

These are some things you can discuss with them:

  • Is your system installed correctly?
  • Are intruder or panic alarms reporting as a fire alarm?
  • Is your system maintained to the relevant standards?
  • What instructions have you given to your monitoring provider on what to do when a fire alarm signal is received?
    • Who should they call first, second etc?
    • Are all your contact details up to date?
    • How many contacts will they call?
  • Can you put their number into the contact of your phone so that you know it is them calling you?
  • Before testing or routine maintenance, you may have isolated your ASE device to the Fire Service, but did you tell your security provider?
  • Do the relevant people know if your system is monitored by security?
  • Inform the incoming owner/tenant that the system is monitored by security.
  • Speak to your provider about modifications you can make to the system.

The SA Country Fire Service can charge for the attendance to a false alarm to a privately monitored alarm.