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Strong winds tomorrow heighten fire risk


SA Country Fire Service (CFS) is urging the community to cease any controlled burn offs planned for tomorrow (Friday, November 4). The plea comes as the fire danger season dates for five fire ban districts are announced.

CFS State Coordinator Leigh Miller said the warmer weather forecast for tomorrow, with accompanying strong winds mean Friday is not a good time to conduct burn offs.

"We know people are cleaning up their properties to get ready for the fire danger season, and we commend them for their efforts. However, we're asking the community to cease any planned burn offs tomorrow in an effort to lessen the impact if those fires were to get out of control," Mr Miller said.

Farmers harvesting are also being reminded to check the Grass Fire Danger Index in their paddocks to ensure they are not in conflict with the voluntary Grain Harvesting Codes of Practice.

"Landowners should think twice about wanting to light fires or participating in activities which might result in fires - the last thing we want is for people's good work to turn sour and have a CFS crew needing to respond to your property."

The fire danger season has already started in some districts, and dates for several others have just been announced. The Flinders fire ban district will start its season tomorrow (Friday, November 4) with the Mid North, Yorke Peninsula, Murraylands, and Riverland districts starting on Tuesday, November 15.

"People who are trying to conduct burn offs before the season shouldn't fret, there is still time, and once the season starts they can apply to their Local Council for a permit to burn as well.

"It's the responsibility of all South Australians to play their part in fire prevention and the declaration of fire danger season dates are an important part of prevention awareness."

For further information on the Fire Danger Season visit the CFS website


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