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Simple planning makes a safer fire season



The CFS is reminding all South Australians that they must have a Bushfire Survival Plan if they live or work in a bushfire prone area.

CFS State Coordinator Mark Thomason said by preparing a plan it will make it easier for people to take appropriate action ahead of a bushfire and avoid making last-minute decisions that could become fatal.

"Once a Bushfire Survival Plan has been developed it becomes an effective tool to guide you through your decision-making process by helping you decide what actions to take when threatened by a fire," Mr Thomason said.

"If you decide to wait and make decisions when a bushfire is threatening you or your family, it will be too late."

Mr Thomason said most deaths in bushfires occur when people try to flee their homes at the last moment.

"A well-planned and practised Bushfire Survival Plan will help you to stay focussed in difficult situations and should include decisions about whether to stay and defend a property or to leave early," Mr Thomason said.

"A good plan is one that's written before the Fire Danger Season, has been practised so you know how it will go on the day and includes other members of a household including children, elderly and pets."

Mr Thomason said that although a written and practised plan will help reduce confusion, panic and time wasting, it should also try to make allowance for changing conditions and different scenarios.

"The plan should also consider different responses for Fire Danger Ratings, CFS bushfire warnings and what actions to take for example, on a weekday when the family is at work and children are at school, compared to a weekend when at home."

More information about developing a Bushfire Survival Plan is available on the CFS website at or by contacting the Bushfire Information Hotline on 1300 362 361.













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