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The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) continues to battle a scrub fire in Sellicks Hill on the Flerieu Peninsula which ignited just before 1.00pm yesterday afternoon.

The terrain driven fire has burnt through around 400 hectares, and continues to burn in a north-westerly direction along creek lines and up steep gullies, with variable wind conditions causing erratic fire behaviour.

CFS State Coordinator Yvette Dowling said fire crews are hoping to contain the fire by early evening.

"We have around 60 firefighters on the ground who are being supported by two bombers, with an aerial observer undertaking surveillance of the fire so we are doing everything we can to bring it under control," Ms Dowling said.

"Crews are using heavy plant machinery to create fire breaks on the eastern and western flanks to hold the fire where possible, but the topography is influencing the fire behaviour and posing challenges for our crews."

There are unburnt pockets of scrub and grass located within the fire perimeter that may burn and emanate additional smoke.

There are currently no assets under direct threat.

The CFS State Coordinator reminds people to check their Bushfire Survival Plan, which should include details on exactly what to do if confronted by a fire.

"South Australia is in the Fire Danger Season, and this fire is a sign of things to come this summer," Ms Dowling said.

"Our firefighters are out there doing their best, but we need the community to take responsibility for their personal safety and ensure they know exactly what to do in an event such as this.

"People often underestimate how confronting it is as the fire front is approaching, and the distress they will experience.

"Leaving as the fire is approaching is too late, and we are asking for people to consider their actions well beforehand to ensure they are prepared".

It is believed the fire was started by an angle grinder.

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