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SAMPSON FLAT FIRE - Fire ground hazard warning


Once authorities give approval to property owners to re-enter the area affected by the Sampson Flat bushfire it is critical that residents are aware and highly vigilant of the many dangers of a fire ground.

The CFS is alerting those residents returning to or clearing up around their property within the Sampson Flat fire ground to ensure they take extreme caution.

Life threatening hazards can present both in the environment around the fire ground as well as amongst the debris and immediate location of a property after the fire; the CFS stress that the danger increases dramatically when people are tired and in an emotional state requiring greater vigilance.

The following hazards pose a very real threat to personal safety and people need to be aware of them when travelling on and around the fire ground:

Physical threats can be listed as:

Common Fire Ground Hazards

- Falling trees and limbs
- Fallen power lines
- Escaped stock and fleeing wildlife on roads
- Smoke making driving difficult
- Ash piles hiding hazards and uneven ground

Physical hazards

- Slips trips falls
- Sharps
- Pressurised gas cylinders and LPG Acetylene (Refer supplier's hotline for safety advice)
- Electricity, mains and Photovoltaic (contact service provider for advice)
- Skin Hazards - Irritants, Hazardous materials, stored or spilled
- Eye Hazards - Smoke, ash, hazardous materials, stored or spilled
- Contamination - Sewer and water
- Respiratory hazards - Smoke, ash, hazardous materials and asbestos


- All occupiers must risk assess
- Contact the Bushfire information hotline on 1300 362 361 for further advice if unsure.

Protective clothing

- Coveralls - Neck to ankle, long sleeve, chemical resistant if required
- Gloves - Sharps and chemical resistant if required
- Safety boots
- Head protection, helmet
- Eye protection, goggles
- Respiratory protection - Minimum of P2 mask (dust fumes and gasses)

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