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With South Australia returning to its normal summer weather pattern over the next few days, the South Australian Country Fire Service is also warning that the State faces the increasing threat of bushfires again after cooler weather and moist conditions over the past couple of weeks.

The CFS says while we all might be 'Slip, Slop, Slapping' over the next week or so, we should also be adopting the CFS mantra - 'Prepare. Act. Survive.'

"We're telling people not to be complacent about bushfires even though we've had cooler conditions," said Brenton Eden, CFS State Coordinator.

"While the weather has provided some respite for our crews who fought the Sampson Flat fire, the threat of similar fires in the Adelaide Hills or elsewhere in the State is still frighteningly real.

"In reality the threat of bushfires has never gone away.

"We only need look to Western Australia to see how the warmer weather, lightning storms and strong winds have contributed to the raging bushfires in that State's southwest, where more than 60 thousand hectares have been burnt.

"That weather will be upon us over the next few days, and I urge everyone no matter where they live to postpone any activity which may provide an ignition point for fire.

"Simple things, like mowing grass over rocky, dry ground, vehicle exhausts, using an angle-grinder, campfires and BBQs - even the simple act of using an electric drill in the wrong place - might just provide that spark which could be catastrophic.

"All it takes is the wrong combination of activity, local environment and weather conditions on the wrong day and a fire can quickly start and get away from you," Mr Eden said.

Being bushfire ready means planning your activities, thinking about the consequences of actions, and postponing potentially threatening activities.

"Better to put off things that might lead to a bushfire, rather than to go ahead and face the awful realisation that you have been responsible for starting a fire which may risk lives and property," Mr Eden said.

Editors/COS note: media conference with Brenton Eden, 2pm Friday Feb 6 at Level 5, CFS headquarters 60 Waymouth St Adelaide.

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