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Postpone risky activity


SA Country Fire Service (CFS) has declared a Total Fire Ban in the Mount Lofty Ranges tomorrow. Therefore some activities will be restricted or need a special permit from your Local Council.

Despite no Total Fire Bans in other parts of the state, CFS is reminding people that there is still very high fire danger and everyone will need to take precautions.

Yesterday SA Police fined a man for starting a fire while mowing, as he did not have the correct equipment to extinguish the fire on hand. The fire burned about four hectares.

"While mowing, slashing or using a brush cutter you need to have a four metre cleared space around the activity, along with a shovel or rake and a portable water spray in hand," said CFS State Duty Commander Nik Stanley.

"If possible, postpone these activities to when we have milder weather."

Vegetation throughout the state remains dry so it's easy for fires to start.

"We need people to be extra careful about conducting any activities that may cause a fire through misadventure."

For more information about what you can and can't do on a Total Fire Ban day, visit the CFS website

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