SA Country Fire Service

Media release

More SA Fire Fighters to help New South Wales


A second round of firefighter strike teams will depart Adelaide tomorrow to help colleagues in New South Wales.

In total 52 personnel will depart from Adelaide tomorrow to replace the crews currently deployed to support the NSW Rural Fire Service, in fighting the fires in the North of the State.

The contingent will include 42 CFS Volunteers, 7 MFS firefighters and 2 SAAS paramedics.

A break down by region:
16 volunteers from Region 1
17 volunteers from Region 2
5 volunteers from Region 5
4 volunteers from Region 6
1 staff member

Media Opportunity
Members of the media are invited to meet out the front of Cobham, 28 James Schofield Drive, Adelaide at 10:20am on Sunday, 13th of October.

Media information
For media enquiries call the CFS Media Line on 08 8115 3531.

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