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Know your bushfire risk when travelling


The CFS is advising travellers to avoid getting caught out by not knowing what do in a bushfire this Fire Danger Season.

The warning coincides with Bushfire Action Week ahead of the start of the season on Saturday in some of the State's 15 Fire Ban Districts.

CFS Director of Regional Operations Mick Ayre said travellers and holidaymakers need to take precautions by planning ahead, especially if their destination will take them through bushland areas.

"In a bushfire, a drive that would normally take a few minutes could take several hours if there are road closures, traffic jams, fallen trees, collisions and thick smoke", Mr Ayre said.

"Bushfires can often jump roads and if you can't find an alternative route, you may have to seek shelter away from dense vegetation or as a last resort, on the floor of your vehicle until the bushfire has passed."

The CFS has fact sheets and website information that offers advice on bushwalking and its restrictions on fire danger days, in addition to camping and houseboat holidays.

Local ABC and commercial radio stations in South Australia and interstate also broadcast emergency bushfire information.

"Anyone who is planning to travel to a bushfire prone area during the fire danger season needs to be aware of the risk but more importantly they should have a plan in case they are confronted by the threat of a bushfire," Mr Ayre said.

"Your plan should include triggers to warn you of the potential for danger before a bushfire starts and this may include where to find Bushfire Safer Places in the area of your destination."

The CFS has developed a hierarchy of places offering relative safety from bushfire.

For more details and designated safer places in South Australia visit the CFS website at or contact the Bushfire Information Hotline on 1300 362 361.

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