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Include the whole family in your bushfire preparedness actions these school holidays


The CFS is encouraging South Australians to include their whole family in bushfire preparations for the upcoming season, to empower young people and ensure they understand what to do in an emergency.

During this year's 'Bushfire Ready Week' from 1-7 October the South Australian community should start taking responsibility for their own safety by preparing their properties and enrolling in CFS run events and workshops that will assist preparing them mentally and physically.

South Australians can enrol in sessions including Firey Women, How to Write a Bushfire Survival Plan Workshop, Bushfire Blitz and Community Fire Safe events.

CFS Director Community Risk and Resilience, Alison May, said this long weekend and the upcoming school holidays provide the perfect opportunity for all South Australians to get bushfire ready.

"High fuel loads due to increased vegetation growth this year may require additional efforts to clear hazards and ensure properties are bushfire ready," Ms May said.

"The long weekend and upcoming school holidays are a great time to involve young people and consider their perspectives on community emergency management."

"Not only should young people be included in your plans, but they should understand and practice them with the family - and don't forget to include your pets in planning!" she said.

The importance of including young people and considering their perspectives in community emergency management has been emphasised in the past year by the Red Cross' Leave it to Z project.

Red Cross Emergency Services Acting State Manager, Mary Hajistassi, said the project consulted almost 600 South Australian 10-25 year olds about their experience of emergencies.

"It found that children and young people have very different needs during emergencies and most of them told us they want more education around disasters and how to be prepared, and they also wanted a job to do in the household plan," she said.

"In response to their request for more information, during Red Cross' Emergency Ready Week last week we visited schools and educated almost 800 young people across the state about the role they can play in emergency preparedness."

Emergency Services Minister Joe Szakacs said all South Australians need to take responsibility for their safety and prepare for the upcoming bushfire season.

"I encourage all South Australians to ensure their properties are clean and ready for summer and bushfire survival plans and kits are in place and updated."

"While we are entering a third consecutive La Nina weather pattern, those living in areas prone to fires should not become complacent and adhere to all messaging put out by trusted agencies such as the CFS."

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