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Heightened fire danger for Election Day


SA Country Fire Service (CFS) is asking the community to be mindful of heightened fire danger this coming State Election Day.

Total Fire Bans are currently forecast for several districts across South Australia on 17 March which means organisations wishing to have a barbeque will need to obtain a permit if the Total Fire Ban applies to the Fire Ban District they'll be in.

State Duty Commander Leigh Miller says the fire danger forecast for Saturday will not be confirmed until late Friday afternoon, but current predictions indicate a Schedule 10 permit may be needed in a number of Fire Ban Districts across the State.

"If your organisation is planning a barbeque be mindful you may need a permit from your local council if you are within a Fire Ban District with a Total Fire Ban in place."

"Much of the vegetation around South Australia is dry and with heightened fire danger weather forecast on Saturday once the vegetation is ignited we may see significant fires. "

"With heightened fire danger those in affected Fire Ban Districts need to be mindful of their travels and ensure they have a bushfire survival plan."

"It is really important to check the CFS website for any fire activity before you leave home for the polling booth and to be mindful of how easily a fire can start," says Mr Miller.

"Everyday activities such as parking on dry grass and operating machinery can be sources of ignition, so it is vital we are aware of what we are doing and limit any behaviour which has the potential to start a fire."

"Of course, ensure you have a bushfire survival plan so in the event of a Total Fire Ban it can be used and you will know what you will do in the event of a fire."

More information on what you can and cannot do on days of Total Fire Bans can be found on the CFS website:

Information on Total Fire Bans in place can be found here:

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