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Have Your Say in Bush Fire Management Planning



The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) has released a community survey seeking valuable public input into the Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges Bushfire Management Area Plan (AMLR BMAP).

Members of the public are invited to complete the survey and contribute their local knowledge to help identify assets for inclusion in the Plan.

The Plan will look at the human, cultural, ecological and economic assets that are at risk of bushfire in the Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges. Once completed, the plan will outline the work needed to manage bushfire risks to these assets and the broader landscape, with a focus on prevention rather than fighting fires.

If you wish to contribute, please complete the survey, or call the CFS Bushfire Management Planning Unit on (08) 8463 4151.

The survey includes 12 questions and should take 10-20 minutes.

The survey is available until the close of business on Friday 12th February 2016.

More information about Bushfire Management Planning is available on the CFS website.

There will be further opportunity for the public to comment on the Plan as it nears completion.

About the Bushfire Management Committee (BMC)

The Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges BMC consists of 12 councils, major land managers and emergency services agencies (including Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources, SA Water, the CFS, SA Police and the Metropolitan Fire Service).

About the Survey

This survey is hosted by Survey Monkey. The complete URL to access the survey is






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