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Grain movement causing fires


SA Country Fire Service (CFS) and Grain Producers SA are warning farmers in the Pinery fire affected area to be mindful when moving grain.

CFS has had several reported cases where farmers have believed the field bins were cool and started moving grain for transport when the grain has caught fire.

"It's important that farmers exercise caution when moving grain after a fire," said CFS State Coordinator Yvette Dowling.

"The grain is warmed by the radiant heat of a fire and once exposed to oxygen can still catch alight due to self-combustion."

"We ask farmers to test the temperature of the grain before they auger it out of the field bin or silo."

"It is best to leave the grain contained in the silo or field bin when the temperature is high to ensure it is less likely to self-combust."

"Regardless of whether farmers are moving their grain or not it is recommended that they check their field bins."

Grain Producers SA Chairman Darren Arney said the farming community in this area has already suffered greatly with many losing their crops.

"We understand that farmers are trying to save what grain they have left but they need to take care to ensure they don't cause more damage," Mr Arney said.

"We encourage them to get in contact with CFS to deal with that grain, and speak to their insurance companies. Framers can contact Grain Producers SA about to register for replacement seed for next year's crop."

People are also warned there may be smoke and dust throughout the area today as high winds are expected. Reports of smoke have come from the Yattalunga, Mount Crawford and One Tree Hill areas. The community is asked to remain vigilant.

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