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Go gas or electric this Christmas holiday season to ensure your BBQ is not a turkey


If you are planning to cook outdoors for your Christmas or New Year celebrations, you need to be aware of what fuel is safest and allowed on days of a Total Fire Ban.

Gas and electric BBQs and cookers can be used throughout summer in accordance to safe operational practices.

SA Country Fire Service Acting Director for Preparedness Brett Loughlin said Christmas gatherings on hot days can be easily catered for with a bit of pre-planning.

"On a day of Total Fire Ban, gas and electric BBQs can be used as long as they are within 15m of a domestic premises or on a coastal foreshore," Mr Loughlin said.

Today the Bureau of Meteorology has released its Christmas Day forecast for Adelaide to be a hot 35°.

"Father Christmas will be working up a sweat during his delivery of goodies this year," meteorologist Samantha Slattery said.

"A high pressure system is dominating over South Australia which means warm, stable conditions will prevail on Christmas Day. At this stage, there are areas of very high fire danger in the Mount Lofty Ranges."

It's a timely reminder for those organising an event for Christmas Day to be mindful of their outdoor cooking and activities.

During the Fire Danger Season, wood fired pizza ovens used must comply with the CFS Code Of Practice or the operator must obtain a Schedule 9 Permit from their local council.

If a Total Fire Ban is declared, wood fired pizza ovens and solid fuel BBQs (kettle-style) are not allowed to be used unless the operator has a Schedule 10 permit..

Schedule 10 permits are issued by local councils, at the local officer's discretion, to primarily allow the operation of spark-producing devices on a day of Total Fire Ban for emergency works.

The CFS does not consider cooking to be an emergency activity and recommends people should plan to use gas or electric cooking methods in case a Schedule 10 permit is not issued by a council officer.

"By limiting the likelihood of fires this year you can do your bit to help our CFS volunteers enjoy time with their family and friends over the break," Mr Loughlin said.

To check your forecast for Christmas Day, click onto the Bureau of Meteorology's website:

What I can and can't do during the Fire Danger Season -

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