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The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) has declared Total Fire Bans in four of the State's Fire Ban Districts.

The bans will apply from midnight tonight in:
- Mount Lofty Ranges (Extreme)
- North West Pastoral (Extreme)
- North East Pastoral (Extreme)
- Flinders (Severe)

CFS State Coordinator Yvette Dowling said the bans in the four districts will require anyone camping during the long weekend to totally extinguish any camp fires before midnight tonight.

"Anyone lighting a campfire before midnight must ensure they have cleared a space of at least four metres above and around the fire, and there are no overhanging branches that could ignite," Ms Dowling said.

"People must ensure the fire is well away from their tents and any flammable items."

It is critical that campers never leave a fire unattended and to keep a water extinguishing agent nearby.

Ms Dowling also issued a warning to anyone conducting fuel reduction burns in the four Fire Ban Districts where Total Fire Bans have been declared tomorrow.

"We are aware of people who are proactively reducing fuel loads around their properties and are asking them to support the CFS by delaying any planned burning off within the Fire Ban Districts where Total Fire Bans have been declared tomorrow," she said.

The CFS also reminds landholders burning in an area where a Total Fire Ban has been declared, to fully extinguish burn-offs by midnight tonight if they have not obtained the relevant permit.

"We would like everyone to continue to enjoy the long-weekend and avoid placing CFS firefighters at unnecessary risk from being called out to fires that were avoidable," Ms Dowling said.

For more information on tomorrow's Total Fire Bans visit the CFS website at

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Media information
For media enquiries call the CFS Media Line on 08 8115 3531.

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