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Extinguish camp fires this long weekend


The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) reminds anyone who is camping this long weekend to ensure any fires they light are fully extinguished.

As we head into the Fire Danger Season, drier conditions mean people need to be mindful of their activities to avoid a fire hazard.

CFS State Coordinator Yvette Dowling said there are precautions that campers must take to reduce the risk of igniting a bushfire.

"If you're lighting a campfire or barbecue, you must clear a space of at least four metres above and around the fire, and ensure there are no overhanging branches that could ignite," Ms Dowling said.

"People must ensure the fire is well away from their tents and any flammable items."

It is critical that campers never leave a fire unattended, and keep a water extinguishing agent on hand.

"Campfires or barbecues can cause significant damage if not properly extinguished with water, and embers can smoulder for many days and potentially rekindle and ignite nearby scrub,' Ms Dowling said.

"We are asking anyone who lights a fire this long weekend to ensure it is properly extinguished before they leave their camp site."

This also applies to anyone undertaking burning activities, which should be carried out with extreme caution.

"We are reminding the public to ensure they continue monitoring their burn-offs for the possibility of rekindling," Ms Dowling said.

"We would like everyone to enjoy the long-weekend and avoid placing CFS firefighters at unnecessary risk due to being called out to fires that were avoidable."

For information on how to prepare for the Fire Danger Season visit the CFS website at

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